Theme: Back to Basics

Per Gottfredsson
Let`s travel back to the beginning and strengthen our basic skills!

This year Stockholm Impro Theatre turns 30 years. 27 of those I've been going to the theatre nearly every day rehearsing, playing and planning. The more I do it, the more I realise that there is always new knowledge that I can dig into. I will never be perfect.

In my daily life as an improviser I deal with a lot of demands. "Am I good enough?" Do they like me?" "Am I funny?" When I walk on stage, I also do it together with a lot of know how's, should do's and must do's. "This is not how the story should be", "What's the perfect moment for a song?" "What are the rules now?" In my head there is constant buzzing, demanding noise.

Occasionally, something magical happens. It can be in the end of a story when I follow an impulse without thinking and everything falls into place, or in the middle of a dramatic scene when a silence emerges that fills the room with crackling thoughts, or when suddenly a realistic scene goes into abstract movement that drags out the drama that has been hidden somewhere in the dialogue.

I love these moments when it seems like everything is connected through space and time. Everybody in the room, improvisers as well as the audience play a part in what is going on. How can we train to make those moments appear more often?

I am a strong believer in connecting with basic skills to make the core of our work stronger.

So, let me proudly present to you Dig Stockholm Impro Festival 2019. Here you have the chance to learn from the legendary Ed Greenberg, who has over 50 years of impro experience. You can expand your awareness of spatial presence and scenic energy fields on stage to find clear impulses with Sarah Kenter. You can also through play, observation, musicality and movement connect with your true voice with Nikola Matisic.

Let´s go Back to Basics!

Artistic Director of Dig Stockholm Impro Festival
Per Gottfredsson
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