Dig 2018 theme: What's funny?

Per Gottfredsson
As improvisers we often feel the pressure to be funny. Perhaps this scenario sounds familiar: You start a long form story, building the platform and working it slowly and organically with a strong connection to your partner. The audience is paying attention but not gratifying you with laughter. All of a sudden you find yourself saying a funny line, playing emotions without a reason, or maybe changing your character by talking or walking funny.

You get a few laughs from the audience, but you played the scene over the top, lost the momentum and ruined the story. This may not be the proudest moment for an improviser, but it happens to all of us. Since laughter is the most obvious and immediate proof that the audience likes what we do, this behaviour is quite understandable. However, there are ways to avoid this trap.

In Dig this year we will give you a chance to examine and work on what makes the scene truly funny. How do we play scenes where the funny can emerge by itself, without the improvisers forcing it?

Our research will focus on deepened presence and true characters from an organic point of view. We will work on the drive forces in the scene, character combinations and physical humour. And of course we will also examine the dark, tragic and more poetic side of funny.

Let us capture the funny moments together!
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Per Gottfredsson
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