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Truth, emotionality and reaction
Rama Nicholas, Australia

In this workshop, we will explore characters relations and charged situations through grounded, naturalistic scene-work. By playing with truth, emotionality and honest reactions, we can uncover our own personal, dynamic emotional range as improvisers. Delving into these themes we will be exploring 'What's Funny' and how audiences can recognise their own hilarious truths and emotional experiences in our work, making the comedic experience more meaningful and thought provoking.

There will be an emphasis on slowing down, building trust, really connecting with and listening to your scene partner. Reacting not only to verbal offers but body language and physical offers. The group will be guided to collectively understand what the scene needs to explore and develop a multilayered story. Whether our scene-work is serious, comedic, realistic or has elements of magical realism, our aim will be to truly inspire each other and ultimately our audience.

Extraordinary things happen to ordinary people, this is the essence of storytelling, by holding the metaphorical mirror up to our audience and community they then see themselves reflected back though our eyes, which creates a truer, more meaningful and deeper connection.

RAMA NICHOLAS is an actor, comedian, improviser, writer and director.
She is known for her critically acclaimed, multi character solo shows, which are a unique blend of character comedy and incredible storytelling.
As a performer Rama’s strengths lay in her ability to play a vast range of characters and to transform and immerse herself in her characters world. Her depth of range and adaptability as an actor and comedian is inspirational. This strength not only shines through in her expert use of physicality, accent and emotionality, but also through her profound understanding of story and her ability to play any style, from Comedic through to the more dramatic and naturalistic.

Residing in Melbourne, Rama was a member of Impro Melbourne’s ensemble cast for 13 years in which she performed, produced and directed. Rama is an ensemble member of the acclaimed ‘Orcas Island Project’, 15 improvisers from around the world come together every year to create and perform cutting edge improvised theatre.

She is the creator of 3 critically acclaimed improvisation formats and workshops – ‘Close to you’, ‘The Wishing Tree’ and ‘Gypsyprov’ which have been showcased in many countries.

Rama travels the world performing, directing and teaching improvisation at Improvisation festivals and with various international theatre companies. Her philosophy as a teacher is to always be curious and creative. Improvisation is an art-form to be explored, with endless possibilities for the craft. From comedy to dramatic truth - to truly inspire audiences and fellow improvisers is her goal.

Rama has a strong commitment to her craft, to inspire, challenge and entertain. Rama’s curiosity and creativeness leads her to pushing the boundaries, to create new and interesting work as an actor, improviser, comedian, director storyteller and teacher.

From imagination to poetry - physical improvisation workshop
Felipe Ortiz, Colombia

Through spontaneity games, impro exercises, and specific movement techniques, you will find out how to discover and create imaginary objects and spaces and how to connect your imagination with your body, taking advantage of your possibilities and knowing your limits.

In this workshop, the group will be trained to allow their body to surprise them, taking them to unexpected places and circumstances, how to interact with imaginary spaces and objects, (they can be your best friend but also your worst enemy), this will be an important tool to avoid actor's blockages and a limitless source of creativity and inspiration.

FELIPE ORTIZ was founding member of La Gata Cirko and PICNIC impro. Has been working on improvisation theatre, clown and new circus from a physical approach since 1995. Has coo directed all PICNIC shows and traveled playing and teaching improvisation, clown and acrobatics in different countries around the world. He´s one of the directors of La Gata Cirko and has directed different new circus shows: Las Raices Flojas¨2016, Gypsy Express 2015, ¨7 vidas del gato¨2014, “Tropico Destino” 2013,  “The Tempest”  2013, ZOOM 2010 and Déjà vu 2006. Clown shows In 2008 directed and played in his clown solo “la Cita” wich has participated in “Festival iberoamericano 2010” and 2014 in NY international clown festival. Has directed other clown shows like CENIZA 2015 and Historias de pareja 2016. At the moment is directing a clown ensamble in the Javeriana University in Bogota.

He´s one of the directors of PICNIC IMPRO, they organize the interational impro festival in Bogota since 2011. With Picnic they´ve done “lugares”, “Theatersports”, “Director´s Cut” and “SPEECHLESS” in cooperation with dj mamacutsworth, this show has been performed in 14 countries and 21 cities around the world.

He´s studied Clown with Avner the exentric, Miguel Borras and Clown and Buffon with Phillipe Gaulier.

Contemporary dance, contact dance, capoeira, circus and acrobatique techniques, improvisation, acting and clown compose his background.


Monologues and the Abstract
Jill Farris, USA

Harness the risk of an improvised monologue. Learn to embrace the vulnerability of a solo by submitting and committing to the experience instead of avoiding or controlling the risk.

Dive into a universe that creates itself out of our own solitary truths. As in dreams, the deepest truths are expressed in images and nonlinear narrative. They reach us directly, before we can put up our guard. And just as music can move us without our being able to describe why, the abstract on stage can reach our core. Also, when improvisers feel constrained by the limitations of realism, their imaginations may push towards the absurd. But absurdity can undercut any human value in the scene, distancing both the audience and the performer.

By using abstraction rather than absurdity, one can get to a bigger truth that is still grounded in reality.

Working in the abstract the improviser will:
- be released to play freely from their core without defaulting to agendas or habits

- deepen the story and expand the theatricality of the scene

- let the scene play on all levels of the audience's perception

JILL R FARRIS began her improv career in 1992 in Seattle with Unexpected Productions. There she performed weekly in countless long-form shows and TheatreSports for 15 years. During her time at Unexpected Productions, she served as the Associate Artistic Director, the Education Director, a teacher, and a performer.
In Philadelphia, Jill joined Stray, a New York improv group as a player/director performing at The Magnet.

Jill also served as performer and Education Program Director at the Brody Theater in Portland, Oregon.

This year Jill returns to Unexpected Productions as the Education Director.

She has been on 14 European tours with Unexpected Productions, performing improv in Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland, France, and the Netherlands. She is proud to be a member of the Orcas Island Project, an international improv group founded in 2005 by Randy Dixon.

Jill was a guest director for the two years at the Seattle International Festival of Improvisation.

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