Online La Ronde

The “La Ronde” is a playful and fun improv long form format, perfectly suited for virtual exploration. In the “La Ronde” the characters and their relationships are the focus. We meet a bunch of characters with a clear point of view or emotion and see how they are changed when put in different situations.
Maybe the merciless and irritable judge that is feared by criminals nationwide loves to knit hand puppets in their spare time? And maybe the same judge is very confident at work, but gets very nervous around their parents?

With many characters, each bringing their own objectives, this format is guaranteed to bring you a delightful dose of drama, unexpected twists and of course a lot of laughter.

Because the “La Ronde” is a very structured format we can relax and have fun exploring our characters and scenes instead.

In this class you will:
• learn to play the “La Ronde” format
• play characters with a strong point of view and clear attitudes towards other characters
• laugh! We leave our microphones on during the class so that we can hear each other laugh. And laugh we will!
About Teaching Online
This fall I have really found joy in teaching online. Now that I have more experience teaching via Zoom, I have found ways to bring more laughter and energy to the class. And the La Ronde format has proven itself to be perfect for the medium! It has been really satisfying to see the La Ronde come to life on the screen and to not only have a lot of fun, but also to see my students learn a new format and grow as improvisers. It was indeed so much fun, that I am happy to continue with the format this spring.

Some things my students wrote about the class:
” Loved online sessions as much as irl sessions with Tamara!”

“For 70 hours a week, the screen sucks my energy and my soul. For two hours a week it gives some back. Thanks for all the laughs!”

“Lots of fun, thanks for great laughs and Tamara - thanks so much for your great coaching and energy! You rock!”