English Level 4

Focus – Play a Specific Format

In this class we will work with a specific long form format that we will play two times in June. We will develop the techniques that you as an improviser need to master to play the selected format.

At the first occasion a couple of selected formats will be presented. The group together decides which one we will continue to work on.

An extra rehearsal is included on stage 7th of June at 1 p.m-4 p.m

Prerequisites: Level 3

EVA LÖFGREN is an experienced leader and improviser who has led courses in improvisation theatre at different levels for many years. In her leadership, she focuses on creating a well-functioning group that has fun together. Eva is keen to adapt leadership to what the unique group will achieve together. She likes to work to find the space for audience feelings and fantasies, the complexity of characters and their relationships, as well as music and movement.

Kurs: 2029

Kursgånger: 8

Datum: 2020-04-28 - 2020-06-16

Veckodag: Tisdag

Tid: 18.00-21.00

Pris: 4700 kr

Kursplats: Stockholms Improvisationsteaters Annex

Kursledare: Eva Löfgren

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