IFT Weekend Workshop/Improvised Dialogue

This workshop offers an introduction to IFT, IMPROVISATION FIELD TECHNIQUE’S fundamental principles of scenic energy fields and improvised dialogue.
The technique is founded on the philosophical, spiritual and scientific thought that everything is connected.
IFT gives you the tool to connect with words/dialogue that are anchored in an emotion rather than being a product of an idea.
It takes trust and training to go on stage without a conscious intention. You might just love it or you might feel fear and stress and try to gain control (pleasing, joking, speed talking or freezing).
There is room for all, and Sarah will guide you past mental noise and emotional confusion so you can experience clear impulses and let the intuitive intelligence lead the way.

SARAH CAROLINE KENTER founded the professional theatre ensemble FELT in 2014 and has since then been teaching actors at IFT workshops and acting students at Copenhagen Film & Theatre School and Nordiska Teaterskolan (Kungälv).
She studied theatre, creativity, voice, improvisation and energy constellations at Center for Creativity and Theatre. She is a certified reflexologist with exams in anatomy and physiology; a trained psychotherapist, and holds a master's degree in theology from University of Copenhagen. Therefore body, mind, emotion and spirituality are naturally and closely connected in the improvisation method that she has developed, Improvisation Field Technique (IFT).

Prerequisite: SIT students Level “fokus” and ITS students “level 3” or above
Discount: 300 kr for SIT and ITS students. Use code ”IFT-august” when signing up.