Practice swedish with impro-beginners

Laughing makes it easier to learn and remember new information!

Do you find it challenging to speak Swedish outside of class? Would you like to practice your Swedish in a friendly and safe environment? Are you curious to try a new and fun way of learning? Then this is the workshop for you!

Research shows that laughing makes it easier to learn and remember new information, and one of our favourite ways to laugh is improvised theatre (improv). That is why we have created this group; to provide an opportunity for you to practice your Swedish outside of class, in a new and unconventional way that involves lots of laughing.

Together, we will do different improv games and exercises, in simple Swedish, allowing you to use your current vocabulary as well as expand it further. One of the bases of improv is to ”celebrate your failures” which means that the classes will allow you to make mistakes in a safe environment, so that it’s easier to relax while strengthening your Swedish language muscles!

You do not need any previous theatre or improv experience, however a basic level of understanding and speaking Swedish is required