Create Your Own World

This course is aimed for those who have taken Level 1 and Level 2 at Stockholm Improvisation Theater or the equivalent.

In improv we have the luxury of turning the stage into whatever we want it to be. We’re not limited by budget for set design and props or by the rules of the physical stage – it’s only the limits of our own imagination that restricts us.

In this workshop we will explore and try out all of the possibilities that the empty stage has to offer. We will run, climb, fly, dangle, play with physical distance and do a lot of spacework. We will explore the world as we know it as well as new worlds in which different rules apply. And through these environments, we will get to know our characters and discover how they act in this world we created and interact with other characters.

We will tap into our own and the audience’s imagination to put together a visually exciting show with nothing more than a few chairs and ourselves on stage.
In this workshop we will move a lot, so make sure to wear clothes that you feel comfortable moving around in.

TAMARA MAASDAM is an improviser and teacher with an endless desire to explore and learn new things. For her, improv is at its best when drama and comedy meet and when improvisers can make her both laugh and cry in the same show. As a coach, Tamara brings heart, laughter, energy, passion, and curiosity to the classroom. Tamara’s classes consist of a good dose of fun and silliness as well as constructive feedback in order to grow as a group as well as individually.

Kurs: 2014

Kursgånger: 2

Datum: 2020-05-23 - 2020-05-24

Veckodag: lördag + söndag

Tid: 10.00-17.00

Pris: 2800 kr

Kursplats: Stockholms Improvisationsteater - STUDION

Kursledare: Tamara Maasdam

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