Story telling through magical realism.

Magical Realism is a genre where extraordinary, unreal and strange things appear as part of the daily life as if it was completely normal. This workshop is a journey through the complex world of magical realism exploring different tools that can help you dive into this amazing and powerful universe. Different ways of playing with time, fantastic or magic things as part of normal life, what is magical realism in our cultures, social and political relationships and situations and characters and spaces, are part of the exploration.

Limited number of participants, your spot is only secured after recieving a confirmation from us.

FELIPE ORTIZ was founding member of La Gata Cirko and PICNIC impro. Has been working on improvisation theatre, clown and new circus from a physical approach since 1995. Has coo directed all PICNIC shows and traveled playing and teaching improvisation, clown and acrobatics in different countries around the world. He´s one of the directors of La Gata Cirko and has directed different new circus shows: Las Raices Flojas¨2016, Gypsy Express 2015, ¨7 vidas del gato¨2014, “Tropico Destino” 2013, “The Tempest” 2013, ZOOM 2010 and Déjà vu 2006. Clown shows In 2008 directed and played in his clown solo “la Cita” wich has participated in “Festival iberoamericano 2010” and 2014 in NY international clown festival. Has directed other clown shows like CENIZA 2015 and Historias de pareja 2016. At the moment is directing a clown ensamble in the Javeriana University in Bogota.
He´s one of the directors of PICNIC IMPRO, they organize the interational impro festival in Bogota since 2011. With Picnic they´ve done “lugares”, “Theatersports”, “Director´s Cut” and “SPEECHLESS” in cooperation with dj mamacutsworth, this show has been performed in 14 countries and 21 cities around the world.
He´s studied Clown with Avner the exentric, Miguel Borras and Clown and Buffon with Phillipe Gaulier.
Contemporary dance, contact dance, capoeira, circus and acrobatique techniques, improvisation, acting and clown compose his background.

Felipe was also a highly appreciated teacher in the DIG Festival 2018 here at Stockholms Improvisationsteater.

Kurs: 2013

Kursgånger: 1

Datum: 2020-04-19 - 2020-04-19

Veckodag: Söndag

Tid: 09.30-16.30

Pris: 1550 kr

Kursplats: Stockholms Improvisationsteater - STUDION

Kursledare: Felipe Ortiz

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