No Time to Think – by guest teacher Zsuzsi Vàrady

There are those certain long seconds that go by before we enter a scene. Before we answer a question. Before we start a physical action, join a partner, edit a scene. In these seconds we think, consider, judge and get into our head. What if we just threw these second out the window? If we act first, then think. If we surprise ourselves, surprise the other and then go with the flow. If in the time devoted to think… we improvise.
Spontaneity, acceptance and saying YES to the silliest and most banal offers.

ZSUZSI VÁRADY is a Hungarian improviser and founding member of Momentán Company, Hungary’s leading improv theatre company. She performs and teaches there. She keeps training and improving herself as an improv performer and teacher in different international improv workshops and festivals. She is part of Ohana - the European Improvisers Group and took part in Our Lives - an international improv project introducing 28 improvisers out of 28 EU Countries. She also works as a dramaturg and screenwriter. She wrote her PhD on applying improvisation techniques for the development of screenplays and education of scriptwriters. She also teaches this topic at the Hungarian University of Theatre and Film in Budapest.