Close to you…

This workshop is very close to my heart and has been taught with great acclaim from participants and festival organizers here in Australia, London, Amsterdam, Toronto, Wurzburg, Berlin, Gothenburg and Rome.

This is a workshop about creating intimacy on stage.

The overall themes of the workshop are - Romantic love, sex and intimacy in relationships and how can we apply these concepts to our Improvisation performance without wimping out, freaking out or freaking your partner out!

How do we give our audience the gift of a truly romantic love scene and story? Whether it be hilarious or serious.
How do we electrify our audience with our performers sexual energy without being too explicit!!
How do we break their hearts like Shakespeare did in Romeo and Juliet?
How can we create that kind of intensity in our performances?

This workshop explores all these questions and more.

In my workshop, I create a relaxed and safe environment were performers can explore these concepts through unique exercises, through discussion and in scene work.

RAMA NICHOLAS is an actor, comedian, improviser, writer and director.
She is known for her critically acclaimed, multi character solo shows, which are a unique blend of character comedy and incredible storytelling.
As a performer Rama’s strengths lay in her ability to play a vast range of characters and to transform and immerse herself in her characters world. Her depth of range and adaptability as an actor and comedian is inspirational. This strength not only shines through in her expert use of physicality, accent and emotionality, but also through her profound understanding of story and her ability to play any style, from Comedic through to the more dramatic and naturalistic.

Residing in Melbourne, Rama was a member of Impro Melbourne’s ensemble cast for 13 years in which she performed, produced and directed. Rama is an ensemble member of the acclaimed ‘Orcas Island Project’, 15 improvisers from around the world come together every year to create and perform cutting edge improvised theatre.

She is the creator of 3 critically acclaimed improvisation formats and workshops – ‘Close to you’, ‘The Wishing Tree’ and ‘Gypsyprov’ which have been showcased in many countries.

Rama travels the world performing, directing and teaching improvisation at Improvisation festivals and with various international theatre companies. Her philosophy as a teacher is to always be curious and creative. Improvisation is an art-form to be explored, with endless possibilities for the craft. From comedy to dramatic truth - to truly inspire audiences and fellow improvisers is her goal.

Rama has a strong commitment to her craft, to inspire, challenge and entertain. Rama’s curiosity and creativeness leads her to pushing the boundaries, to create new and interesting work as an actor, improviser, comedian, director storyteller and teacher.